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Dr. Jemma Sinclaire

Hi, I’m Dr. Jemma Sinclaire. I just realized that I’ve been in practice for 33 years – oh my!

My true love has always been nutrition, and fortunately for me, being a chiropractic physician has allowed me to follow my heart.

From the old days of extreme cleanses (with horrible Herxheimer reactions), juicing and food combining to our low-carb, hi protein diets of today, it feels like I’ve seen (and eaten) it all. And between you, me and the wall, (psst!) there’s no ONE eating plan/diet that fits everyone perfectly. They all need a little tweek or two, to make it just right for your lifestyle and your body.

It’s been my blessing to have spent the last number of years as personal assistant and friend to Brenda Watson, CNC. You may know her from the Renew Life products you’ve seen on the digestive aisles in health food stores. What a woman! She has not only written 9 books (the last one about healthful eating and your gut!), but has also offered Americans 7 PBS Specials, all of them educating all of us on the functions of the digestive system.

Many years ago I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity (inability to properly digest wheat and many other grains) and I strongly suspect my ability to digest dairy is less than robust as well. That said, as I led clients in various nutritional programs throughout the years, I was stimulated to create and amass recipes that allow me to forget the gluten, digest and eliminate easily (very important!) and still REALLY enjoy my meals!

Additionally, I manage a huge hydroponic garden, chock full of greens and herbs of all descriptions. I have noticed that many people aren’t quite as excited by vegetables as I can be, however I often have suggestions that many have found helpful in shifting their diets from fast food and frozen dinners to home prep and lots of fun!

Dr. Nyree and I met years ago. Since I’ve been practicing alternative care for decades, you can imagine I have met many wonderful practitioners. I find Dr. Nyree to be a most extraordinary, brilliant and caring doctor. In fact, I’ve been very fortunate that she has been my doctor too!

Over the last period of time it’s been an honor to assist in whatever ways are helpful within her practice, sometimes with counseling, sometimes with yummy food prep. That is my continued intention – to offer education, wellness ideas and a healing spirit, as I am always learning to heal too!

Valerie Magazzu
Valerie Magazzu

Valerie Magazzu has been a massage and colon therapist in Pinellas County for the past 14 years. She received her training form Suzanne Gray. Her passion lies in colon hydrotherapy where she incorporates various massage techniques.

Stephen Davis

I have earned my PH.D.  in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Science in Arcata, Ca. I have a certificate as an instructor of Qigong. I earned my third degree Reiki Master certificate and teach Reiki classes. I am a Minister and perform weddings.

Dr Nyree Abdool
Nyree Abdool D.O.

Dr. Abdool is a licensed Family Physician & graduate of the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. Licensed practitioner of Medical Marijuana, IV Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Clinical Hypnotherapy & Body-Centered Psychotherapy.